GMC Introduces 2017 Canyon Denali

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November 26, 2015
<p><em>Photo of 2017 Buick LaCross by Chris Wolski.</em></p> Trends From the 2015 L.A. Auto Show

The 2015 L.A. Auto Show included a renewed focus on luxury models, experiments in disruptive technology such as hydrogen power and virtual reality-enhanced driving, sportier exterior and interior designs with more emotional appeal, and the rising popularity of electrified powertrains over diesel and other alternative fuel types.

<p><em>Photo of GMC Canyon Denali by Paul Clinton.</em></p> GMC Introduces 2017 Canyon Denali

GMC will offer a Denali package for its 2017 Canyon mid-size pickup starting in late 2016, GMC announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

<p>Nissan officially launched the production of the full-size TITAN XD pickup truck November 19. (PHOTO: Nissan)</p> Nissan Titan XD Production Begins

Nissan officially launched production of its 2016 Nissan Titan XD full-size pickup with Job One ceremonies at its Canton, Miss., assembly facility on Nov. 19.

<p><strong>&ldquo;Our investment is a tangible example of how we maximize the use of our global platforms optimized for regional markets,&rdquo; said Wolfgang Bernhard, Daimler AG Board of Management member responsible for trucks and buses</strong>. <em>Photo: David Cullen</em></p> Daimler Trucks to Bring New Detroit Medium-Duty Engine Line to U.S.

Daimler Trucks Friday announced a $375 million investment to enable production of the new DD5 and DD8 medium-duty engines at Detroit’s Redford, Mich., plant, and officially launched production of the Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission.

<p><strong>An artist's rendering of Dare to Care's Transit Connect cargo&nbsp;van</strong><em>, Photo: Ford&nbsp;</em></p> Ford Gives Transit Connect Vans for Hunger Relief

Ford will donate five Transit Connect cargo vans to select organizations that provide hunger relief services. The vans will help these organizations give to those in need during the upcoming holiday season and through the rest of 2015.

<p><em>Photo via Wikimedia.</em></p> EPA Expected to Reduce Ethanol Fuel Blend

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to reduce the amount of ethanol that's blended into the nation's gasoline by at least 15% when it finalizes its proposal by Nov. 30.

<p><em>Photo courtesy of VW.</em></p> Volkswagen Submits Diesel Recall Plan

Volkswagen has submitted a plan to California regulators to recall the 482,000 vehicles sold with 2.0L engines and emissions defeat devices that has not been made public.

<p><strong><em>Photo of crash scene courtesy of NHTSA.</em></strong></p> Traffic Fatalities Up in First Half of 2015

The disturbing trend prompts federal Department of Transportation officials to step up efforts to change risky behavior among the driving public.

Video Tip: Driving Safely in High Winds

Some parts of the country have experienced high winds in recent days. Here's some advice from Ford and esurance on how to drive safely in such conditions.

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